Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This is Marley our newest member of the Syke crew. He's a blue English Staffordshire bull terrier still in training. A little bit of a distraction are but he's definitely awesome to have around the office. I'll try to keep regular updates of his progress as he grows.


  1. Hi Guys he is just adorable! We have a lovely black brindle girl english staffy too, they are just the best dogs!

    She is agreat dog to have in the shop too!Likes getting amongst window displays.

    You need to do a tee with a stafford on it hint, hint!

    Brooke@Milk Fashion

  2. Hello, isn't Marley beautiful! I was wondering if you could share your breeders details - we're currently on the look out for blue staffy puppies.

    Thanks so much,

  3. Very nice photos, I'm sure he's a great boy by now!

  4. Where did you find this cute little guy!? We are on the hunt to find a breeder for blue staffys and I am having no luck with google. Thank you!